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  • Median Historic Sales Price Trends for Zip Code 76179

    Monday, June 25, 2018   /   by Bernie Christian

    Median Historic Sales Price Trends for Zip Code 76179

    Most real estate agents don't tell you the things I share with you in my blog because they don't study the real estate market, they react to it. For example, the median price trend graph attached below shows the local activity we are experiencing in the 76179 zip code over a period of 10 years. I make it my business to be the expert on the local housing market. I look at national and luxury home market trends as well, but that is the subject of another blog. I hope that you read my blogs and are finding them useful and educational. Are you going to be entering in the market any time in the near future. Given any thought to who you will be using to consult with you as you move and shake in the real estate market? Having the right real estate agent on your side can make a difference, in what you net from the sale of your home, and in how to avoid the simple mistakes that can cost you money. And experience counts too...my wife Terri and I have over 50 years experience and have sold over 1500 homes in and around the Fort Worth and DFW area since 2004.
    But back to the graphic, the historic median sales price trend for zip code 76179 is continuing its steady increase with no particular signs of a pause or a drop. It is astounding that the median sales price has doubled since 2008.  Have you thought about what your home is worth? Do you realize how much equity you have accumulated since you purchased it?
    Would you like to know about the various and unique sales trends associated with sales of homes similar to yours and those in your neighborhood? Would you like a FREE in-home consultation on what your home is worth? Give us a call today at 817-269-1660 to find out what the real estate market in your area is doing and what you should do about it. 
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